Vanilla orchid

Vanilla orchid (Vanilla planifolia)

is a vine type orchid native to tropical forests of South and Central Americas. In natural conditions it climbes on the trees and reaches the hight up to 30 m. The plants form aerial roots that take the nutrients and water from the rain, from tree bark and dying leaves. Vanilla requires wet positions, shady dispersed light, and the temperature 26-30oC during the day, and at least 15oC at night. Vanilla flowers after reaching 3-4 m size, and the flowers might be pollinated only by bees living in Central America. In practice, the pollination is made manually to obtain vanilla beans – one of the most desirable spice.

In the greenhouse and in-door conditions Vanilla orchid can grow in pots, on the mix containing bark chips, peat moss chunks, perlite, nut shells. Vanillas need a tree, trellis, or other suport to climb.

We offer in vitro rooted cuttings.