Our current services include:

Production of high-yielding plantlets of different Miscanthus x giganteus clones (genotypes) of both European and US origin.

Help in establishing and managing plantations of miscanthus. Analyses of the soil samples taken from the customer fields in terms of micro- and macroelements content and pH value, and recommendations for field preparation (fertilizers and herbicydes application).

Genetic identification of different clones (genotypes) and species of miscanthus using molecular diagnostics methods.

Development of tissue culture protocols for propagation of other energetic plants and ornamentals.

Delivery of healthy genetically and morphologically uniform microplants.

is a triploid hybrid formed from a cross of Miscanthus sinensis and Miscanthus sacchariflorus

is perennial herb with fragrant ever-green leaves. It is used as spice in food industry.

is a group of climbing vines represented by more than 200 species

is a species native to Brazil and Paraguay that have been introduced to Japan and Europe.

Propagation of miscanthus by in vitro technique

is fast growing tree originating from south-east regions of China.

is a vine type orchid native to tropical forests of South and Central Americas